Announcing Auto-Rotate for the Sight API

Published March 3, 2020

We've been growing lately. Not coincidentally, our feature request list has been growing, as well.

One of the most pressing demands of our customers is to make their documents look nicer. Many of their customers take sloppy photos of documents, scan them with 20-degree rotations, and even send in documents that are completely upside down.

Less than a week ago, we set out to alleviate the pain caused by these problems. Today, we are announcing the beginning of a series of features that will mitigate problems caused by document rotation and skew. The first feature in this series is called Auto-Rotate and it is being added to our text recognition service, the Sight API.

Without enabling any optional features, the Sight API returns recognized text and bounding boxes in response to uploaded images and PDFs. Now, if a user enables the Auto-Rotate feature, the uploaded document is rotated so the majority of text is facing upright — so it's in natural reading order — and returned along with the recognized text and bounding boxes.

You can try it out yourself by signing up for an account and heading over to the Sight Dashboard. All new accounts get 1,000 pages for free.

Our roadmap for this series of features involves adding the ability to automatically crop out documents and, optionally, pre-process them in various ways, like increasing contrast and enlarging documents. Furthermore, we hope to integrate these features with our much loved Documents-to-Database service, which offers a code-free automation of getting data from your documents into your database, Excel, or wherever you like to store data.