Text Recognition Pricing
First 1,000 pages free, then $0.50 per 1,000 pages


You process 2,576 pages with the Sight API. The first 1,000 pages are free. Then, 2 groups of 1,000 pages must be purchased to cover the remaining 1,576 pages. The total cost is $1.

Advanced Features

The Sight API offers additional, optional features, such as Auto-Rotate, which, in addition to recognizing the text in a document, rotates the document so the majority of text is facing upright, in natural reading order. Enabling any combination of the Advanced Features is charged as 4 pages per page, or approximately $2.00 per 1,000 pages.

Documents-to-DatabaseBETA Pricing
First 1,000 pages free, then $0.01 per page


Is your large organization interested in using Siftrics? Do you have specific constraints, like the need to run our software on-premises? Contact sales@siftrics.com for more information.

We Never Store Your Documents

All uploaded documents are immediately deleted upon being processed. In fact, the documents are never written to a disk: they only exist in memory (RAM or CPU cache). If your data processing requirements are more stringent, contact sales@siftrics.com about running our software on your premises.