Text Recognition Pricing
First 1,000 pages free, then $0.50 per 1,000 pages


You process 2,576 pages with the Sight API. The first 1,000 pages are free. Then, 2 groups of 1,000 pages must be purchased to cover the remaining 1,576 pages. The total cost is $1.

Documents-to-DatabaseBETA Pricing
Try 5,000 KB for free, then $105 per gigabyte per month


Is your large organization interested in using Siftrics? Do you have specific constraints, like the need to run our software on-premises? Contact sales@siftrics.com for more information.

Rounding and Proration

Storage costs are prorated to groups of 100 KB, with each group costing $0.01. For instance, 1 KB through 100 KB in storage costs $0.01 per month, while 101 KB through 200 KB in storage costs $0.02. Storing one gigabyte costs $104.86.

Calculating Storage Usage

Storage usage is calculated as the sum of the file size in bytes of all documents stored in Siftrics at the beginning of the billing period plus the sum of the file size in bytes of every document uploaded to Siftrics in the billing period.

Example of Storage Usage

If your organization begins the billing period with 150 KB in storage and, over the course of the billing period, users in your organization upload two 40 KB documents and delete one of them, then Siftrics will create an invoice for 230 KB in storage (started with 150 KB + uploaded 40 KB + uploaded 40 KB = charged for 230 KB) at the end of the billing period.

Additionally, in this example, your organization will enter the next billing period with 190 KB in storage (started with 150 KB + uploaded 40 KB + uploaded 40 KB - deleted 40 KB = starting next billing period with 190 KB).